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Stuff Design is a modern danish company with over 10 years of experience in development, design and production of interior decoration.

At Stuff Design you will find a wide collection of wood, stone and leather products  which are designed in-house with focus on function, design, quality and price.

We strive to have the best and most versatile collection of wood, stone and leather products, at the best commercial prices in the market.

Stuff Design is a family run design company, located in Frederica, Denmark – with dealers, distributors and agents all around Europe.

The company is run by Randi and Jacob Klausen, who both share a passion for interior design, and a strong belief in creating design products that are both beautiful, functional and commercial.

Our main goal is in fact to create design products that are very commercial in both design and price · what is good design if no one will or can pay the price?


Our collection of BASIC BOARDS is a range of classic serving boards in great design and quality, at competitive and commercial prices. The products are manufactured from Acacia wood, which is untreated, or in Sheesham wood (also called Indian Rosewood), which have received an oil treatment to bring out the beautiful colours and structure of the wood.

All our BASIC BOARDS have a thickness of 1,5 cm, with slightly rounded edges, and all a mounted with a simple and nice leather strap.

In the collection there is a variety of different sizes and shapes, suited for any serving purpose, if it is tapas, pizza, cheese or similar. Sizes vary from our XL board on 30×70 cm and down to our smallest size of 20×40 cm.

We have created the BASIC BOARDS with focus on usefulness and good design, but also with large focus on competitive prices, without compromising on the quality and design.

We recommend that our boards are treated with natural food oil after wash and use.


Our collection of DELUXE BOARDS is a range for elegant serving boards with nice details and finish.

I the collection of DELUXE BOARDS we have designed a range of products with focus on the details and still with large foucs on functionality, simplicity and elegance.

Compared to our BASIC BOARDS our DELUXE BOARDS have a larger thicknes, which is on 2 cm. This have given us the opertunity to make an elegant slim finish to the edges, which gives the DELUXE BOARDS, a floating look, since edges are very slim on both the upper and lower surface, and this gives the products a beautiful lightness.

In the collection of DELUXE BOARDS we have developed both square and round boards, each with their own functionality, and can be used for elegant serving of pizza, tapas or as single plate serving.

All products are mounted with our classic leather strap.

Despite the name DELUXE, the products still have a competitive and commercial price.

We recommend that our boards are treated with natural food oil after wash and use.


PLANK BOARDS is a collection of super cool cutting and serving boards where quality and design are in top.

These boards are mounted with a wide leather strap, hammered with brass nails, to give these boards a unique and masculine look.

The thicknes of our PLANK BOARDS is 2,50 cm, and are available in both Acacia and Sheesham wood.

In the range we have BUTCHER which is perfect for serving and carving a big roast, and will also serve as decoration on the kitchen table for daily use to carve bread etc.. Beside this we have TAPAS, which is a long slim board perfect for serving tapas, as the name indicates.

PLANK BOARDS are unique because of the thicknes of the boards and also the simple and rough look, is what make these boards very special.

We recommend that our boards are treated with natural food oil after wash and use.


Meet our brand new STONE COLLECTION made from amazing natural marble, beautifull concrete and unique glazed ceramic.

All products are designed and developed to match and complement our extensive range of wooden boards.

Our marble products are sourced from the finest and special marble stone, and our brand new developed concrete products, are coated with a foodsafe lacquer, and will be perfect for an elegant and minimalistic way to serve tapas or cheese – and will also be perfect as a candeltray on the kitchen table.

We are really excited about our new “family members, and we hope that you will love them too…


Meet our brand new range of high quality leather aprons, bbq gloves, pot holders and placemats.

All handmade from the finest vintage style leather.

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