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George & Willy is a design studio and workshop who makes life tools.“We are naturally curious, we ignore trends and solve problems to enlighten people with objects for everyday use.” George & Will met when they were 12 year olds, skiing together at the local hill. They bumped into each other again at University where they were both studying business degrees. With access to the university workshop called the "tin shed," one thing led to another and instead of applying for graduate jobs they found themselves making things and selling them outside the university library. They never really stopped and have turned their child like enthusiasm for making things, into a full-time thing.
Will from George and Willy George from George and Willy Phoebe from George and Willy



Always wearing merino socks. Will loves designing new products and making existing ones even better. He makes sure everything looks good and works well.



The skipper of the boat. George makes business decisions and keeps the ethos of George & Willy high.




Diligent and ecient, Phoebe gets stu done. She's usually drinking tea and talking to people around the world.


We have always believed that a company is simply an extension of the people who are in it. The crew at George & Willy are more like a group of mates who are working on a project together. Each morning we turn up at 7.30, unlock the workshop - have a cup of tea and get excited about working with honest materials to create new products that are going to be around for generations to enjoy. We all share a passion for the products we make and encourage extracurricular projects outside of work (head over to the journal to see some of these unfold). A simple tradition we love is Hawaiian Friday, it is compulsory for everyone to turn up to work wearing a Hawaiian shirt and if you forget you have to buy a round of coees. We have also recently implemented a BBQ lunch on Fridays which usually consists of some sort of wild game from our last hunting adventure.
Design by george and willy
We like to refer to our products as life tools - things which help people enjoy the every day, more. Coming up with products stems from things we need for ourselves which we can’t find. We are inspired by simple materials, functional design and solving problems.
workshop at george and willy
When we realised we were going to spend the majority of our time in one building, we decided to make it as fun and welcoming as possible. The workshop is downstairs and the oce/studio is upstairs - it feels like an indoor treehouse. Our space is highly functional, everything has a spot to save time wasting and frustration - no one likes looking for things. Visitors are always welcome and if they are lucky they usually leave with a pair of Merino Socks.


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